Top 3 Things You Need to Know for Planning your Western Style Wedding

Having a Western Style Wedding is becoming more and more popular every year. Trends do tend to change in the wedding world, but simple and romantic never go out of style! Before you dive into your wedding planning, there are 3 Top Things you need to know for planning your Western Style Wedding.


The first and most important detail to determine for your Western Style Wedding is the season. You'll want to choose either Spring or early Fall. Both seasons offer the perfect country-side temperatures. It's not too cold, yet not too hot. Think of your entire day and where and what time of the day you will be hosting each event. Western Style Weddings are mostly outdoors, so you do not want to overheat mid-day, but you also do not want to get too cold in the evening. Your colour themes can also help you decide on which season best fits your dream wedding.


Deciding on a venue can be the most stressful part of your wedding planning, but with a Western Style Wedding it is simpler than you may realize. Pick a venue that has a country vibe. This can include open fields, lots of outbuildings, a barn, a lodge, even your family's ranch! Most times hosting your wedding on a ranch can be the best way to go. Ranch's are a one-stop-shop venue. They have a place for getting ready, the ceremony, bridal photos, golden hour photos and the reception. My favourite Western Style Weddings are always on a ranch!

wedding attire

Here's the great thing about a Western Style Wedding outfit, anything goes and it usually is the most simple look there is.

For the Bride: when looking for a western-style inspired dress, think simple and elegant. Look for dresses that make you feel confident and that are comfortable. Less is more with a western-style wedding dress. Look for dress options with details of lace, low backs, elegant beaded accents. No matter which style you decide on for your dress, every western-style dress fits perfectly with a pair of your favourite western boots!

For the Groom: First staple outfit piece, a cowboy hat! Even if the groom does not wear a cowboy hat in his every day attire, there is no rule that says he can't wear one the day he becomes your husband! Have the groom wear a premium dress shirt. You can opt for a western style pattern or keep the look relaxed with wearing white or off-white. For pants, boot cut jeans is always a huge hit! Depending on your colours and the season of your wedding day, you can choose classic blue jeans or even a black jean. Have your groom and your groomsmen all wear the same cut jean and admire how handsome they all look. When it comes to the groom's look, he doesn't need to do much to get himself western-style wedding ready. Want to kick-up his look a notch? Add in some accessories: a bolo tie, a nice leather belt with a buckle, even add hints of your dried floral boho wedding bouquet into his boutonnière.

The options for planning your Western Style Wedding are endless and they always turn out beautiful! Some of the best things about Western Style Weddings is 'less is always more', you can put together some of the most amazing DIY decor and western-style weddings are the funnest weddings around!

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