Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Book a Couple's Session

It's not every day you get in front of a camera and take photos with your partner, unless your partner is a photographer and then of course you are probably wheeled into the idea. ;) Most times a couple can't decide when and if they should book in for a session. Here are my top 3 reasons why you should book a couple's session.

A time to reconnect and Disconnect

Life is full of schedules and the daily hustle and bustle. Five out of seven days of the week, you probably only see your partner for a few solid hours a day(that does not include the hours you are in dreamland). Within those few solids times that you are with your partner, how much of that time is spent with no other distractions? If you think about it, you aren't left with much uninterrupted quality time now that we have really broken it down. This is why 'Reconnect and Disconnect' is my number one reason why you should book a Couple's Session. The session allows you and your partner to really slow things down and just enjoy being in each other's presence. No distractions and no interruptions. No cellphones, no tv, no work, no drop-in visitors. Just you and your partner.

Capturing the moment

Whether you have tons of photos of you two, or you have that one selfie that is your favourite, capturing 'right here, right now' is so very very important. As a photographer, one of my favourite beliefs is that: we are only this version of ourselves today, as tomorrow we are a newer version. This statement and belief is ever so true! If you think of how long you and your partner have been together, think back to when you first met. Are you still the same people and couple today, as you were then. Definitely not. You've both grown individually and together. That's worth capturing. You have built a life with your partner and every day is a new page in your chapter, so why not document it. Looking back on your memories is one of the greatest gifts from time.

Date night idea

Ok, so let's say you and your partner have been together for what feels like forever. You are at that ultimate comfort level. For a couple who has travelled around the sun a multitude of times together, date nights may seem tricky. But that does not need to be the case. After doing many date nights, new ideas start may become repeated ideas. You start to scratch your brain on what kind of date night you should do this weekend. Or maybe life is just so busy that you 'haven't had time' for a date night. Couple's Sessions are the perfect idea for a date night!

Doing a Couple's Session as a date night idea is easy to plan and loads of fun. You can look forward to finally wearing that new outfit you've been wanting to wear. You have a reason to freshen up and maybe get yourself feeling a little spicy. Most importantly you get to spend quality time with your boo! Pick your favourite spot to chill, grab your favourite 4-pack and just hangout with your other half.

Couple's Session Date Nights can be as detailed or as relaxed as you want it to be. There is no agenda to a couple's session and there is definitely no wrong way.

So after breaking down my top 3 reasons why you should book a couple's session, are you ready to grab your partner and have some fun in front of the camera?! :)