Adventure means anything you want it to

3 main reasons why you should do an adventure session

The term "Adventure Session" seems to get thrown around a lot throughout the photography world. What does it mean and is it for you? Adventure means anything you want it to, there is no strict definition behind it. This means it's 100% for you! Here are my 3 main reasons to do an Adventure Session:

One: You get to explore some incredible places and immerse yourselves into nature or you can keep it close and include the comfort of your home. The sky is the limit for where you can host your Adventure Session.

Two: You get to spend quality time capturing your love (with an onlooker, ahem, hi!) and make memories with your best friend. Say goodbye to the typical photos you get every year.

Three: You have creative freedom! Ditch the regular poses and let your soul move your body to capture who you truly are!